Now that the EP is out and it has had a little room to breathe, we wanted to take a moment to give a little more recognition to those that contributed to this thing.

Eric Fiegenbum
Eric is the force behind Ego Puppets, and if you haven’t checked out his music yet, you should stop reading this and go do that. Better yet, listen to Ego Puppets while you read the rest of this. Josh and Brian have both known Eric for what seems like a century. Eric and Brian formed their first band at a Spin Doctors/ Soul Asylum concert despite the fact that both really had no idea what they were doing. So yeah, it’s been a while. Brian calls Eric SAF’s spiritual advisor. Eric is often the first person to hear a new track and asked for input on everything from writing, arranging, and mixing. It’s hard to think any of this gets done without him.  Eric plays keyboards on Ohio, and provided a ton of help and encouragement during the whole project.

Rob Perry
Rob was in Señor Citizen with Josh and Brian, as well as the Side Project with Brian. Rob and Brian have been co-writing songs for over a decade and often trade demos trying to figure out what is missing from their newest compositions. Rob is a versatile multi-instrumentalist and writer, who crafts wonderful songs in just about any genre from 80s style power ballads to hip hop, and everything you can think of in  between. Rob contributed backing vocals and guitar to Everyone Is Writing Songs About California Except Me as well as Ohio. It probably won’t be long until you hear Rob on some more SAF tracks.

Ritchie Monteiro
Back when Señor Citizen was still alive, Ritchie could be seen as their opening act from time to time. Back then, Ritchie was a man armed with guitar and a haunting voice. Now, Ritchie still has the haunting voice, and is the front man for the band Jác. Like Ego Puppets you should check them out if you haven’t already. Ritchie provides backing vocals and the lead organ on The Inside Joke. Dude killed it!

Deanna Wood
The cover art for Stay On Target that you’ve been seeing everywhere was provided by Deanna. It’s an actual painting sitting on top of a Wurlitzer organ in Brian’s studio space, and the pictures you have seen do not do it justice. Brian met Deanna through the Ze Frank Sports Racer community. She is an amazing artist in the Dallas area. Check out her website to see more of her fantastic work.

Scott Moore
Brian and Scott also met through the Ze Frank Sports Racer community. Scott is an amazingly creative human being that throws his heart and soul into every project he involves himself in. Whether it’s his mail art project, or his telephone affirmation project, Scott is making the world a better place one moment at a time. Scott co-wrote the lyrics of Tokens, with Brian.

To each one of these people (and many more), we give our heartfelt thanks. This wouldn’t be what it is without you.