Our First Zidisha Loans

We've made our first steps in helping fight global poverty by making our first loans on Zidisha. Here's a quick introduction to who we made loans to.

Yacine Moustatpha GUEYE (Senegal)

I am a mother and married. I am a businesswoman, very entrepreneurial, serious, dynamic, and hardworking. I am a leader who fights for the promotion of women's emancipation. I have studied and am very well-read. I live in my husband's house. I am originally from St. Louis and my parents are always there. I am part of a large family. I have 4 brothers and 5 sisters of the same mother and father. 
Brian and Josh have both made loans to Yacine at zero interest for her business selling clothing and beauty products for women.

Marsiale Sami Kabrale (Senegal)

I am a breadwinner and my salary does not permit me to help all of my family and they count on me.This is why I am taking a another job in order to earn more money. I buy products in Casamance. I have already associates living there. With the trade there, it is going to be easy for me. I place my order, I send the money and my products will be delivered. My associates will help me to transport and once there, I can visit my clients. At the end of the month, I will have my money back. This is a profitable business, and with a little support I can get started out. I am counting on you very much. When someone explained how Zidisha works for me, I wasted no time becoming member. Zidisha helps a lot of people and I want to be part of these members. I hope Zidisha will help me. I have good trade skills, and all my clients are asking for merchandise. Thank you.

Josh has made a loan to Marsiale, at zero interest, who is a first time borrower from Zidisha. Her merchandise includes seafood, roasted peanuts, bread, and footwear.

We are really excited to have gotten started, and we hope that this will just be the beginning. You can help us make a difference by either purchasing our EP, Stay On Target (we will be using at least 1/2 of any money we receive to make loans), or by joining Zidisha yourself. If you join Zidisha, please consider joining our lending group so we can see how much of an impact we are making together.