The New Way We Are Doing Business

Things are changing, and we are really excited about it.

It's been a year since we released Stay On Target, and since then we've been reflecting on how we want to move forward as a project from the business side of things. We've been doing a lot of thinking about what is best for us, what's best for you, and the impact these choices have in the larger context of the music landscape. Here are the changes we've decided to make.

How you will get our music

First, we've decided to pull Stay On Target off iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify, and go exclusively with BandCamp. BandCamp is a great partner for artists like us, in that they are the fairest provider for us. They give us a ton of freedom to make decisions on things like price point, they take a much smaller cut than the big guys, and  they provide free streaming of our songs in full, which we think is great for you.

Sure, having our music on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify is cool and all, but at the end of the day, there are a lot of hands in the cookie jar. We have no control over how those companies price our music, and do we really need to be involved in getting them more money? Especially Spotify, which is one of the most unfair providers out there for artists.

How much will you pay for our music

That's up to you now. We are going with the pay what you want model, which means you get to decided what our music is worth to you. If you want to pay nothing, then go ahead. If you want to give us $1, $5, $10, whatever... We are cool with it. We aren't in this to make money, we do this because we love to make music, and we love to share that music with you. That said, money is cool, because you can do cool things with money.

Cool things we are going to do with the money

We've decided that we will take half of every dollar we receive (after BandCamp's cut) and help fight poverty in the developing world. We've joined up at Zidisha, a company that helps connect us with people in the developing world in need of capital, and lets us provide them small loans with really low interests rates (5%), especially for their parts of the world. The more you pay for our music, the more lending power we will have to either help with larger and larger projects, or help more people. When our loans are repaid, we are going to turn that money around and loan it out again. We will be charging no interest in our loans from our end. The 5% interest is a fee that Zidisha charges the borrower, and is extremely low for these types of loans. We thought about using Kiva, a larger and more popular service, but their interest rates can be 5-20 times as high.

If you are interested in joining us at Zidisha, you can sign up and join our lending group here.

We hope you will join and support us in this new venture. We think it’s a great deal for everyone. We get to share our music, you get our music and know that your money is going to a good cause, and some people that could use some help will be getting a chance.

For more info on Zidisha, go here:
To get Stay On Target, go here:

(Even if you have the EP already, we're sure it would make a wonderful gift)