Stay On Target

Stay On Target is now available on BandCamp. 

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Name your own price, free even if you like. 1/2 of every dollar we receive will go into our Zidisha accounts, so that we can help fight poverty in the developing world by providing microloans to those in need.

1. The Inside Joke
2. Everyone Is Writing Songs About California Except Me
3. Tokens 
4. Evergreen (PUMA)
5. Hope, Part 2
6. Ohio
7. Alexander Hamilton

Brian Weingartner – vocals, guitar, percussion

Josh Kross – bass, percussion, sequencing, piano, organ, keyboards, guitar, vocals


Rob Perry – Backing vocals and guitar on Everyone is Writing Songs About California Except Me, and Ohio

Eric Feigenbaum – Keyboards on Ohio

Ritchie Monteiro – Backing vocals and lead organ on The Inside Joke

All music written, performed and arranged by Shimoda Air Force
All lyrics by Brian Weingartner, except for Tokens: by Brian Weingartner and Scott Moore
Cover Art: Shimoda Air Force 1, by Deanna Wood